Abbas Javan

profile-suit-3-wideI am a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University under Dr. Emad Shihab’s supervision. I have previously received my Masters and Bachelors degree in Software Engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Iran. I have 2 years of experience as a Security Analyst and Research Assistant at FUM Cert Labs were I worked on reverse engineering and penetration testing guidelines, and contributed to several in-house projects. My current research interests include Empirical Software Engineering and Software Ecosystems.


  • A. Javan Jafari, and A. Rasoolzadegan, “Security patterns: A systematic mapping study”. Journal of Computer Languages 56 (2020). (Link)
  • B. Bafandeh Mayvan, A. Rasoolzadegan, and A. Javan Jafari, , “Bad smell detection using quality metrics and refactoring opportunities”. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (2020). (Link)
  • A. Javan Jafari, and A. Rasoolzadegan, “Quality-centric security pattern mutations”. Software Quality Journal 27, no. 4 (2019): 1531-1561. (Link)
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  • A. Javan Jafari, and A. Rasoolzadegan“Securing Gang of Four Design Patterns”. Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP’16). Monticello, Illinois, USA. 2016. (Link)


  • Concordia University Merit Scholarship 2019
  • Concordia University International Tuition Award of Excellence 2019


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  • Linkedin: abbasjavan