I am an Associate Professor and Concordia Research Chair in the Department of Computer Science and Software EngineEmad Shihabering at Concordia University. My general research area is Software Engineering. I am particularly interested in Mining Software Repositories, Software Quality Assurance, Software Maintenance, Empirical Software Engineering, Mobile/wearable Applications and Software Architecture. I mine historical project data and apply Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Analysis techniques in order to build pragmatic solutions that practitioners can use to maximize their software quality with the least amount of resources. Some of my research has been done in collaboration with and/or adopted in industry by companies such as Avaya, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Ericsson.

Selected Grants and Awards

  • CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize (2020)
  • MSR Early Career Achievement Award (2019)
  • NSERC Strategic, PI with Drs. Glatard and Kersten (2017-2020)
  • NSERC CRD, co-PI with Drs. Rigby & Shang (2017-2020)
  • Concordia University Research Chair in SW Analytics, PI (2016-2021)
  • NSERC Discovery Grant, PI (2015-2020)
  • NSERC Engage with Motsai, PI (2016)
  • Mitacs Accelerate, with Dr. Rigby, PI (2016)
  • Queen’s University School of Computing Ph.D. Research Achievement Award (2013)
  • NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (2009)

Selected Invited Talks

  • Using Analytics to Prioritize Software Quality Assurance Efforts, GERAD, Poly Tech Montreal, (Mar. 2018)
  • Lessons Learned (the hard way) When Applying Software Analytics, SWAN’17, Germany (Sep. 2017)
  • Predicting Crashing Releases of Mobile Apps, University College London, UK (Mar. 2017)
  • Self-Admitted Technical Debt: Recent Results and Future Challenges, McGill University, Canada (Nov. 2016)
  • Quantifying and Detecting Self-Admitted Technical Debt, Kyoto Research Park, Japan (Oct. 2015)
  • Mining App Reviews to Ensure the Quality of Mobile Apps, NAIST Japan (Feb. 2015)
  • Using Project History to Prioritize Unit Testing Efforts, Ericsson Ottawa, Canada (Dec. 2014)


  • SOEN-490: Capstone project, [F 2019 – W 2020]
  • SOEN-691E: Software Re-engineering, [W 2015 – W 2020]
  • SOEN-341: Software Process, [F 2017, F 2018]
  • SOEN-6431: Software Comprehension and Maintenance, [W 2015]
  • COMP-248: Object Oriented Programming I, [F 2014, F 2015]




  • Steering committee member for MSR
  • Steering committee member for SANER
  • Steering committee member for PROMISE
  • Program Committee for ICSE’21 NIER