Hosein Nourani

I am a Masters student in the department of computer science and software engineering, Concordia University. I started my research on applied machine learning with my supervisor, Emad Shihab, since 2017. I am interested in mechanisms of how systems learn and improve their abilities from their experiences without being explicitly programmed. My mission in DAS is focused on developing an ambulatory monitoring system to recognize spatiotemporal human actions.


I was the CEO and co-founder of D.P.Arian co. for 4 years since 2012. We developed a multiplatform Point-of-Sale (POS) system called “Sedar”, for small and medium businesses.

I got my Bachelor degree from Babol University of technology on 2012, where I was working on clustering applications in solving university timetabling issue.


Concordia Merit Scholarship, 2017 – 2018.


Email: h_nouran@encs.concordia.ca